Pearls of Tomato Balsamico
Pearls of Tomato Balsamico
Pearls of Tomato Balsamico

Ripe Tomatoes and a white balsamico make the vinegar itself fruity, with a touch of sweetness and flavors of vanilla.

Pot 75g (net weight 50g) ca. 100 pearls (9mm) €10.95
Catering size 200g (ask for the price)



The pearls of tomato balsamico are turning any salad into a special experience. Enjoy them with the classics like Mozzarella, with pasta, fish or poultry dishes, with vegetables, cheeses, foie gras or even desserts.

As all pearls, they are a surprise for the palate and a joy to watch and gives a freedom and creativity to decide on the taste of each bite of the dish - depending on how many of these delicious pearls you take. Try out, ask for ideas or share yours with us. Enjoy!

Packaging size (glass jar)75g
Net weight50g
Catering size (can)200g
Net weight150g
Ingredientswhite balsamico (5% acidity), tomato puree, sugar, modified starch E 1422; calcium lactate E 327, sodium alginate E 401, malic acid E296, potassium sorbate E 202.
Can be preserved: before opening1 year at room temperature
after opening4 weeks at 2-5°C
Caprese new style
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