Oysters grow around the world and it is a love affair for many! They are full of vitamins and minerals, but they are certainly full of memories – of the stormy sea, beautiful beaches, and salty air; for some it is Normandy or Brittany, for others it is the Australian Oyster Coasts, British Columbia, Oregon or Brazil. These oysters are very different in taste but they are passionately loved! This is a box for oyster lovers! With this set you own two glass plates designed to “ENTHRONE” your oyster. The cider vinegar is refined with a variety of lemon herbs and it comes as a spray to cover the oyster with a gentle layer of the needed acid without diluting the precious oyster liquor and to create a cloud of flavor to appreciate it even more. It is up to you to season it with your own stories!

Personalized giftboxes

The Oyster Box is unusual and exquisite. We are offering to make it yours only - with your logo or your story. Or let's create your own giftbox - we are working with several designers and will highlight your own product or idea.
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