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Cooking and Design
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Storytelling and Graphics
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Who we are?

I am not alone on the Turn Food To Event project. Our team is all about the right chemistry, sharing a passion for food and the project. I am very happy to work with very talented and creative friends.
KAI is a computer scientist and an incredible cook. We have never met but we have been discussing and planning lots of menus and dishes for over 10 years. We both have spent 2 years in Japan – at a different time, but we share a Japanese influence in our cooking styles. He is always my first choice when I need an honest opinion or ideas on cooking and another brainstorming, creating or testing a dish and is a big help in design.
I have studied chemistry with VERA, but in the meantime, she is a children book author, photographer and a great patissier in San Francisco. She is certainly my first choice in storytelling for the new project which will be disclosed at some point and a big help with graphics.
And ANNA is a talented professional food and product Photographer and in the meantime a good friend. We all are like elements in the periodic system, each one is different but belonging together and vital for the project.