is all about great food, about inspiration, emotions, creativity, about having FUN!
It is a BRAND for exciting and delicious products for anyone who loves great food, small but making a big difference.

It is creating DEGUSTATION SETS like the “Oyster Temptation” Box – sets combining design, smell, and taste. Together with the fresh oysters and own memories, it is an event!
It is PRIVATE COOKING and COOKING EVENTS,  also for CHILDREN to ignite their creativity, teach their palate and have fun!.
It is also a "GET TOGETHER IN THE KITCHEN" online, regardless of where you are.
And of course – it is also a SERVICE for restaurants, private chefs, and Companies.
Stay tuned for upcoming events and new projects and a lot of surprises! Let's enjoy food and have fun!

About me


Hello, I am Yana Steudel and I am happy to see you here!

My love for food, for cooking and flavors is the main drive behind the whole Turn Food To Event project. There is nothing more rewarding than surprising the palate and seeing people falling in love with food.

I am a professional chemist but the best lab in the world is the kitchen – first a normal household kitchen, then cooking contests,

and now it is much more - it is a dream coming true...



Stay tuned to know about the upcoming events, cooperations and places to find the products
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What others say about Food and Turn Food To Event

Customer Testimonails

Food is a gift and should be treated reverentially--romanced and ritualized and seasoned with memory.

Chris Bohjalian, Secrets of Eden Best selling author
Customer Testimonails

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness

Auguste Escoffier Legendary French Chef
Customer Testimonails

Thank you so much for the best exquisite flavored Pearls for a perfect Harmony of all Senses

Jeff Bormes Le Moi - Eventcuisine, Andalucia